Corporate Canvases

Cotton Fields Canvas has hundreds of stock images printed onto our 100% cotton canvas.

We DO NOT USE the Chinese digital printable canvas. Our canvases look like a piece of artwork and create a beautiful soft feel on the wall.

Beautiful Birch-wood forest for your office or home

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Product Description

Corporate Canvases

You have to ensure that the interior design of all the rooms in a space harmonize and incorporate multiple types of design aspects that really work well together and complement each other.
The most powerful way to accentuate your interior design or enhance the color and shade of the surrounding furniture and your walls is to get the best wall art.

Artwork printed on 100% real cotton canvas, on 50mm frame.

3 Piece Canvas

Sizes: 2 x 600mm x 600mm and 1 x 1800mm x 600mm

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