Canvas in Black & White

Cotton Fields Canvas has hundreds of stock images printed onto our 100% cotton canvas.

We DO NOT USE the Chinese digital printable canvas. Our canvases look like a piece of artwork and create a beautiful soft feel on the wall.


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Product Description

Canvas in Black & White

The power of black and white canvases done correctly, can convey much more emotion and a deeper meaning than colour ever could.

While colour photographs convey the supremacy of the full spectrum and can arouse strong emotions, for example:

  • Red conveys hot
  • Green for peaceful and relaxing
  • Blue for tranquillity
  • Orange friendliness etc.

Black and White, in its simple form, can deliver an equally strong effect by using texture, contrast, elegance and simplicity.

Black and White strips everything bare; you are left with the pure spirit of the photo.

Artwork printed on 100% real cotton canvas, on 50mm frame.

1 Piece Canvas

Size: 1230mm x 1730mm

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