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Cotton Fields Canvas has hundreds of stock images printed onto our 100% cotton canvas.

We DO NOT USE the Chinese digital printable canvas. Our canvases look like a piece of artwork and create a beautiful soft feel on the wall.

Wonderful 12 Piece Collage

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Product Description

Canvas Art – Beautiful 12 Piece Canvas, fusion the interior colours into the canvases.

Why show just one photo when you could show off all of your favourite memories,  favourite images in one place?

Share your utmost images by creating a exceptional photo collage canvas. Imagine being reminded of all of your favourite experiences or loved photos every time you pass by your creation? Your home or office will be instantly transformed into a welcoming atmosphere filled with encouraging vibes.

Artwork printed on 100% real cotton canvas, on 50mm frame.

12 Piece Canvas

Sizes: 3x 250mm x 300mm, 3x 450mm x 450mm, 5x 450mm x450mm and 1x 450mm x 750mm

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