Bicycle Range mixed media

Cotton Fields Canvas has hundreds of stock images printed onto our 100% cotton canvas.

We DO NOT USE the Chinese digital printable canvas. Our canvases look like a piece of artwork and create a beautiful soft feel on the wall.


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Product Description

The bicycle art range of canvases

Digitally created mix media artwork of street scene with bicycles

There is a misunderstanding that digital art isn’t real art. After all, a real artist needs to master pencils, water colours, brushes, colour mixing, and making a mistake…well the artist can’t undo! And when they finish, their art is one of a kind and not just an array of digits that you can copy infinitely. The digital artist buys some expensive equipment, programmes and that’s it — WOW, they can now produce outstanding art. So you think that’s cheating? Not true.

Here’s the problem: a computer isn’t an art tool. It’s not a substitute for a pencil, or canvas. It’s a set of tools that lets you create imagery of reality in the same format as photos. That’s all. Does it make the design process more convenient? Yes. Does it make it easy? No.

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Artwork printed on 100% real cotton canvas, on 50mm frame.

3 Piece Canvas

Size 1: 1250mm (w) x 1400mm (h). Size 2: 2 x 950mm (w) x 700mm (h)

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